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Explanation on terminating the participation in the "China Micro Switch Top Ten Brand Network Voting" activity

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2018-07-31 17:34


Southeast electronic family and customers and friends:
Thank you very much for your attention to the "China Micro Switch Ten Brand Network Voting" organized by "Brand Ranking Network" and for your trust and support to Southeast Electronics. From mid June to now, we can not do without your strong support and love. I would like to express my deep gratitude for this.
In mid June, it was unwittingly discovered that southeast Electronics was involved in the voting of the ten brand network of China's micro switch. Out of their love for Southeast Electronic Brand and the sense of honor of the company, the employees have devoted a great deal of enthusiasm to participate in the voting. It has been pushed to the masses of customers and friends. But in the long term voting activities, we found many inappropriate phenomena:
1, this event has not received any notice or invitation to the southeast electronics. In the case of all the relevant personnel of the company, the organizers put us on the list of activities, and do not carry out the basic investigation and understanding of the company. The publicity of the activities is doubtful.
2, in the middle of July, the southeast electronic ranking was in the first place. It was found that the feedback from customers and friends could not be voted smoothly, but it was normal to vote for other companies, and the fairness of its activities was not guaranteed.
3. When the voting anomaly is associated with the website, it is found that the platform does not provide approval and authorization documents by any state or local organization or industry organization, and finds other standards, such as inspection reports, quality performance, market share, and other standards provided by authoritative institutions with no brand selection except the number of votes. The impartiality and authority of the results are doubtful.
To sum up, we believe that this activity lacks basic openness, fairness and impartiality. Contrary to the long-standing "fair and honest" values of southeast electronics. In view of the above, we have sent a letter to the sponsor, solemnly declaring that it has withdrawn from the event since July 31, 2018, and also asked the organizer to delete all the information on the "brand net" of the southeast electronic Limited by Share Ltd to avoid misleading the microswitch market.
From now on, southeastern electronics no longer participates in any activities of the "ten big brand network ballot of China's micro switch", and the southeast electronics reserves the right to further investigate the legal responsibility of the organization.
This is the explanation!
Again, I would like to express my thanks to all my relatives and friends who support southeast China.

Explanation on terminating the participation in the "China Micro Switch Top Ten Brand Network Voting" activity


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