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DONGNAN Electronics //Wenzhou strongly support and promote the High quality Development of Private Enterprises.

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2019-01-21 08:38

12.26 Members of the standing Committee &City, Wang Jun, led the relevant departments to our department to carry out a one-on-one service campaign for "10,000 cadres into 10000 enterprises," asking about the relevant information, in order to help enterprises solve the problems. To create the best business environment for enterprise.

DONGNAN Electronics


Secretary-general Wangjun inspected the main production departments of our company with DONGNAN Electronics


Subsequently, a special symposium was held on this activity, at which our general manager Qiu Wenkui gave a detailed introduction to the fundamental aspects of our company, the development trends and achievements in the industry, and proposed the goals and directions for future development. At the meeting, Secretary General Wang, on behalf of the municipal party committee, said it was difficult to resolve the obstacles on the road to high quality development of enterprises, so that the government and enterprises could work together to overcome the difficulties and make common gains.


DONGNAN Electronics

 Group photo of leaders attending the meeting

DONGNAN Electronics

Keep moving on the road of high quality development, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry is our " to create a global leader of micro switch" basis, As a traditional private enterprise with a history of more than 20 years of production and operation, it can not achieve this grand goal except the struggle of the company ,and also cannot leave the support and guidance of the government. Government and enterprise make efforts to develop the economic.


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