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The application of micro switch in coffee machine

 What about the micro switch used in the coffee machine?We purchased the electronic components of the coffee machine for market research;to find the product type positioning of the micro switch,we choose the micro switch of the coffee machine to help us make a reasonable price,and have a good after-sales service system and sufficient and timely supply of spare parts.

Why do smart toilets choose WS3 waterproof micro switch?

  Let's first take a look at the important role of the WS3 waterproof micro switch in the smart toilet;the general smart toilet has the function of air filtration.In order to create a warm smart home living environment,we use the WS3 series waterproof micro switch.The switch can meet the R&D and design requirements of smart toilet manufacturers.

Dongnan Electronics // The 2nd Inter-Work Gymnastics Competition and Fun Games

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the employees, improve their health, mobilize the employees to actively participate in the national fitness exercise, popularize the work-out gym system, and actively participate in the work with a fuller work enthusiasm and good mental state. Holding the second session of inter-laboratory competition and "Fun Sports Games", the first team company will be awarded the championship cup (the champion cup adopts the defending principle).

DONGNAN Electronics //Wenzhou strongly support and promote the High quality Development of Private Enterprises.

12.26 Members of the standing Committee City, Wang Jun, led the relevant departments to our department to carry ...

DONGDNAN electronics //2018 India International Electronics Fair

September 26-28, 2018 India International Electronics Fair held in Bangalore, our company participated in the largest electronics industry event in South Asia for many years. Our company specializes in the production of micro-switch, waterproof micro-switch and other products, products are widely used in household appliances, power tools, electronic equipment, automotive and other fields, covering dozens of countries and regions throughout the country and abroad.

Eletronica India 2018

September 26-28, 2018, our company with the latest micro-switch, waterproof switch series to participate in the 2018 India International Electronic Components and Equipment Expo, welcome customers to come to consult and discuss India International Electronic Components and Equipment Exposition is sponsored by Munich International Exposition Group. It is one of the series of global electronic exhibitions. It is the largest, most professional and international exhibition of electronic components, materials and production equipment in South Asia. The exhibition was held in 2004 and held annually. The exhibition attracted a large number of high-quality exhibitors and spectators with its latest technology release, efficient exhibition publicity and full coverage of professional influence under the strong brand guarantee of Munich's "Components Exhibition Experts".
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