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Application of Automotive Micro Switch

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2022-07-18 14:27

Automotive micro switches generally have core components called micro switches. Automotive micro switches have good integration, easy installation and miniaturization, and can be widely used in automotive switches. Then, let’s take a look at the application of automotive micro switches. Bar!

What is a car micro switch

An automobile micro switch refers to a contact mechanism that has a small contact interval and a rapid feed mechanism, and performs opening and closing operations with a prescribed stroke and prescribed force. It is covered by a housing and has a drive rod outside. The contact interval of the switch is relatively small, also known as the micro switch, mainly the small contact interval, fast-forward action, and box cover. In addition, the microswitch has a long life and high reliability.


The car micro switch usually refers to the micro switch installed on the car door. It is a door switch used to sense or detect whether the door, child lock, and central control are locked. When the door is closed, the corresponding mechanism lever is pressed. When the circuit guides If the door is not closed, the stroke that needs to be pressed is calculated when the structure is designed. The micro switch circuit is not connected, and the information displayed on the meter is a warning message that the door is not closed properly. Since the door is frequently opened and closed, it is inevitable that you will get wet if you move it on a rainy day. Therefore, the micro switch used for the door has the characteristics of requiring waterproof function and long life. The micro switch of the car is a detection switch. Many people mistake the door lock for the micro switch, which is incorrect. The micro switch is used for detection Electronic switch for whether the door lock is closed.

The seat switch and glass lift switch of the car are also mostly used for micro switches. As shown in the following seat switch, the circuit of the seat switch should be relatively simple and directly connected to the seat motor. The switch is used for three micro switches, and the power is directly connected or disconnected through the micro switches. The automobile micro switch mainly includes a driving rod, a movable piece and a static contact.

Transmission rod:

For a part of the switch, the external force is transmitted to the internal shrapnel structure, and the movable contact is pressed to perform the switching action.

Movable film:

Refers to the mechanism part of the switch contact, sometimes called the movable spring. The movable piece includes movable contacts. The high-current switch contacts are generally silver alloys, and silver tin oxide contacts are commonly used. They are wear-resistant, conductive by welding and have low contact resistance. Stablize.

Contact interval:

The interval between the static contact and the moving contact, and the effective distance of the switch. Similarly, the general glass lift switch also supports a micro switch for each function, the principle is the same, there are movable pieces, contact intervals, etc.

In short, the external force of the automobile micro switch acts on the movable piece through the driving components (ejector rod, driving rod, etc.), and when the movable piece is displaced to the critical point, an instantaneous action occurs, so that the movable contact at the end of the movable piece and the static The contact is turned on or off quickly, and after the force on the driving part is released, the action force in the opposite direction will be generated on the movable piece. When the reverse stroke of the driving auxiliary part reaches the action limit of the movable piece, it will be completed instantly. Action in the opposite direction.

The above is the application of automotive micro switches. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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