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Installation position and function of water heater micro switch

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2022-07-18 14:44

Installation position and function of water heater micro switch

Many people ask what is the function of the micro switch installed in the water heater? First of all, the micro switch is to use the water pressure to push the micro switch to open when you turn on the water heater to control the work of the water heater control panel: high pressure ignition, the solenoid valve opens. (The circuit will be automatically opened when there is water pressure. The circuit will be automatically closed when there is no water pressure)

If the micro switch is shorted, the water heater will not give control, and your water heater will keep working (high pressure keeps firing, solenoid valve keeps opening).

To control the water heater, you must use a micro switch. Can not use short circuit. This way the solenoid valve stays open when you are not using the water heater, and the natural gas will leak out and be dangerous.

Where is the micro switch located?

The gas water heater micro switch is generally on the power cord, there will be a square connector on the power cord, and then there is a red and yellow button, which means one on and one off; the general gas water heater switch Just below the middle of the water heater, you disassemble the outer casing of the water heater, then turn on the water inlet switch of the water heater, and you can see that the pull tab inside will move the micro switch.

The micro switch plays a pivotal role in the water heater, because the ignition of the water heater, the suction of the solenoid valve, etc. are all controlled by the micro switch, which is equivalent to the fact that the micro switch does not pick up and all will not work.


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