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What are the precautions for using waterproof microswitch?

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2023-02-07 12:42

In recent years, with the development and design of waterproof microswitch becoming more and more advanced, the waterproof treatment process becomes more strict, thus achieving lasting effects in different use scenarios. Some traditional switches have large losses and high operating costs. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of the new generation of switches in the process of operation, more efforts still need to be made in the process of research and development and design. How to reduce the operation loss of waterproof microswitch? What are the precautions for using waterproof microswitch? Let's introduce:


  1、 Methods to reduce the operation loss of waterproof microswitch:
  1. During the operation of waterproof microswitch, it will contact the surface of internal parts. The more operations, the greater the component loss. Therefore, in terms of R&D and design, the strength level of component surface can be improved, which is a way to reduce its loss. The surface treatment of components can achieve more wear-resistant effect and more durable when used.
  2. Changing the traditional structure design of waterproof microswitch can also reduce the loss. Especially after the structural wear is reduced, the time will be longer, mainly because its performance is continuously improved in this process. Not only will there be no fault during operation, but also the service life can be extended.
  3. Another way to reduce the operation loss of waterproof microswitch is to reduce the friction coefficient. Only when the friction is small, the wear on the surface of the internal parts will be significantly reduced, and the service life will be longer. Therefore, only by grasping the key point of reducing friction coefficient in this aspect can we achieve safer and more stable operation.
  2、 Precautions for product use:
  1. When welding the terminal, when applying load on the terminal, it may become loose, deformed and aging due to conditions, so attention should be paid when using it.
  2. When using through-hole printed circuit boards and circuit boards other than those recommended, due to the influence of thermal stress, the welding conditions should be fully confirmed in advance.
  3. The second butt welding shall be carried out after the previous welding part recovers to normal temperature. Continuous heating may cause peripheral deformation, terminal loosening, falling off and electrical characteristics degradation.
  4. For dry welding installation, the actual batch production conditions need to be confirmed.
  5. The switch shall be operated directly by people and shall not be used for mechanical detection function.
  6. When operating the switch, if the specified load is applied, the switch may be damaged. Be careful not to apply more than the specified force to the switch.
  7. Please avoid pressing the operating parts from the side.
  8. For the flat shaft type, try to press the center part of the switch. For hinge structure, special attention shall be paid to the movement of the shaft in the pressed position when pressing.
  9. After the waterproof microswitch is installed, if the adhesive of other parts hardens through the regenerative hardening furnace, please contact our company.
  10. The materials around the whole machine using the switch will produce corrosive gas, which may lead to poor contact, etc. Please fully confirm in advance.
  11. Carbon contact points have the characteristics of contact resistance changing due to dry pressure load. When using dry-type voltage divider circuit, it should be used after full confirmation.

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