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How to judge the waterproof standard of waterproof microswitch? How does the product work?

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2023-02-07 12:47

The waterproof microswitch also has a certain level of waterproof. Some products can meet the needs of daily life, while others can meet the needs of normal use even if they are exposed to moisture for a long time. Therefore, the waterproof performance of the product determines the service life and service level of the product. The following describes the waterproof standard and working principle of the waterproof microswitch:


  1、 How to judge the waterproof standard of products
  1. Mainly based on the number on IP. The number behind the IP is two digits, the level of the first digit is 0 to 6, and the last digit is 0 to 8. Therefore, if you see IP68 behind the switch you purchased, it means that the waterproof microswitch is of very high level.
  2. Check from the product certificate, because the waterproof characteristics of the switch with waterproof effect will be tested at the time of sale. If the corresponding requirements are met, corresponding certificates will be issued. In particular, the export switch needs to meet the waterproof standards of the country in order to successfully land
  3. The design of waterproof microswitch involves functional use, long service life, high temperature resistance and high current impact. In the process of daily use, individuals choose corresponding products according to actual needs.
  4. The design of the waterproof microswitch involves the use of functions to make the site have a long service life, can withstand high temperature, and can also withstand the impact of large current. In the process of daily use, individuals choose corresponding products according to actual needs. For example, the switches installed in the toilet are mostly waterproof microswitches, which can maintain their functions for a long time in a humid environment and have corresponding safety. General button switch and waterproof external equipment can only play a temporary role. If an individual does not pay attention when using it, corresponding safety problems will occur. The use of waterproof microswitch directly eliminates this possibility and brings more powerful security to users.
  2、 Working principle of the product: the external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission elements (push rod, button, lever, roller, etc.). When the action reed moves to the critical point, it will generate instantaneous action, making the moving contact and fixed contact at the end of the action reed quickly connect or disconnect. When the force on the transmission element is cleared, the acting spring produces a reverse force. When the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the critical point of the reed action, the reverse action is completed instantaneously. Microswitch contact spacing is small, action travel is short, pressure is small, and switch is fast. The operating speed of the moving contact is independent of the operating speed of the transmission element. Among the types of waterproof microswitches, compared with semiconductor switches with waterproof microswitch characteristics, waterproof microswitches are realized by mechanical switches with contacts. It is widely used in various cold, wet, dust and harsh environments, such as automobiles, spraying equipment, etc.


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