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Some basic information of waterproof microswitch

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2023-02-07 12:51

Do you know what waterproof microswitch is? What is its role? I believe most of my friends still don't understand these problems. But you are not too anxious. Today's article is mainly about some basic information about waterproof microswitch?


  Although the waterproof microswitch is now used in many industries, most people will still feel strange when they see it. Therefore, the waterproof microswitch we need to know before use actually has a very small contact interval and quick-acting mechanism. When in use, the product has waterproof microswitch type contacts. Compared with the semiconductor switch with waterproof microswitch characteristics, the function of the switch is realized through the mechanical switch of the contact. Its basic principle is that the external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission elements (pressure needle, button, lever, roller, etc.). When the action reed moves to the critical point, the instantaneous action occurs. Only in this way can the moving contact and fixed contact at the end of the action reed be quickly connected or disconnected. In addition, there are some more important points. When the force on the transmission element is removed, the acting reed will produce a reverse force. When the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the critical point of the reed action, the reverse action is completed instantaneously. The waterproof microswitch has small distance, short action stroke, small pressing pressure and fast on-off. The action speed of the moving contact has nothing to do with the action speed of the transmission element.
  An important parameter of waterproof microswitch is anti-leakage index. In fact, insert two electrodes into the test product, and drop 50 drops of specified solution (ammonium chloride 0.1 [%]) between the electrodes without short circuit. There are five levels below. The relationship between CTI value of UL Yellow Book and PTI is shown in the following table. In addition, you also need to know the operation times of the product. In fact, it mainly refers to the switching times of durability test specified in the specification. The number of times selected by each manufacturer from the table below is indicated by the symbol on the switch. In the IEC specification, the switching standard for high-frequency operation is 50000 cycles, and the switching standard for low-frequency operation is 10000 cycles. In addition, the waterproof microswitch can be used within the temperature range of the ambient temperature switch. Waterproof microswitches are widely used in various cold, wet, dusty and harsh environments. Such as automobiles, spraying equipment, etc. For other knowledge points, if you don't understand anything, you can call us at any time. You can see the contact information on the official website. You can also consult online customer service personnel. Will help you solve some problems of the quotation method.
  The above article is about some basic information about waterproof microswitch. I don't know if you understand. If you still don't understand anything, you can consult at any time. Remember to pay more attention to the website so as not to miss the wonderful content.


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