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What are the purchase precautions and advantages of waterproof microswitch?

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2023-02-08 11:47

The waterproof microswitch is a waterproof switch with small contact interval and quick-acting mechanism, which performs the switch action with the specified stroke and force, is covered by the shell, and has a drive rod outside. Contact: In the waterproof microswitch type, compared with the semiconductor switch with waterproof microswitch switching characteristics, the function of the switch is realized through the mechanical switch of the contact. The following describes the purchase precautions and advantages of waterproof microswitch:


1、 Product purchase precautions
1. What you need is a waterproof microswitch. Only after understanding your own needs can you buy waterproof microswitch suitable for your type.
2. Pay attention to product quality. You should know that no matter what product you buy, quality is very important. Because it plays a very important role. If the quality cannot be guaranteed during use, it will be a very troublesome thing for enterprises. In order not to let everyone buy inferior products, we should look for well-known manufacturers, because they will put quality first. When choosing, we need to know their strength and scale. From these two aspects, we can know whether the manufacturer is reliable.
3. When purchasing waterproof microswitch, in addition to these things that need attention, we also need to negotiate with the seller in advance whether to pay the price in full or half in advance or pay the deposit. After the product arrives, it will be paid without damage, which also requires a clear inquiry in advance.
4. The after-sales problem is also very important. You should know how long the warranty period of their waterproof microswitch is. If you encounter quality problems during use, you should explain to whom to solve them in advance. However, as long as they are regular manufacturers, their after-sales service is very good.
5. We need to pay attention to the cost of waterproof microswitches. Because some waterproof microswitches are heavy, we need to negotiate the freight and try not to bear it by ourselves, which will increase the cost. These are the things we need to pay attention to when purchasing.
2、 Product advantages
1. High quality. The state has very strict requirements in the field of microswitch, which also makes the manufacturer very meticulous in production, and the manufacturer has a very perfect after-sales service system. Even if there are problems in the future, the manufacturer will solve them for us.
2. Strong adaptability. Because it often rains in many places, the microswitch in the equipment needs to be waterproof, so the waterproof microswitch can be installed here. In rainy days, it can still work with high intensity without damage, which is incomparable with other types of microswitches. It is important that the waterproof microswitch has many other characteristics after continuous optimization of technology, such as fire prevention and short circuit prevention.
3. Complete specifications and high selectivity. Many waterproof microswitches are available in various sizes. If it is the mainstream of the market, we can also ask the factory to carry out personalized customization to make our equipment production more accurate.

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