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Is there anything to pay attention to when using the waterproof microswitch?

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2023-02-08 13:05

1. Pay attention to the environment of microswitch placement
If we place the power switch in a room containing corrosive gas, some electronic components in these electronic products are easily corroded, which will seriously affect the life of the entire electronic product. If the environment near our electronic products is too wet, it is easy to cause some electronic components to rust, the whole circuit board to have a cross current phenomenon, and even the entire electronic equipment to be damaged by leakage.



2. Prevent foreign matters from entering.
For example, if some common indoor animals such as cockroaches, geckos, spiders and so on enter these power switch elements, these animals themselves, like human bodies, belong to objects that are easy to conduct electricity, which is very easy to make the entire circuit board disordered, leading to the failure of the entire electrical appliance. This is not a very rare case in many electrical failures.
3. Don't use it too violently.
The microswitches of electronic products are generally small, and the internal structure is very precise. If the user uses too much force, it is easy to damage the structure. In addition, it is not allowed to keep pressing the switch. Such behavior will easily lead to their failure, and the switch response is not sensitive enough in the future use.
4. Since its appearance on the market, microswitches have been applied to many electronic products at a very fast speed, such as digital products, household appliances, toy products, etc., and become a very common electronic component in our daily electronic products. So when we use such electronic components, we should pay attention to the three conditions planned by Southeast Electronics to improve the switch life.

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