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About bathroom water heater micro switch application

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2021-06-24 10:19

In our bathroom, the water heater micro switch occupies an important position, so do you know what it is.
In fact, in addition to the application of micro switch in the bathroom water heater, can also be applied in the kitchen, such as gas stove, induction cooker, washing machine, refrigerator, electric fan can be applied; we are to the "beauty" brand of home appliances supply! Due to the development of small household appliances, mass customization and wholesale of microswitches has become a very considerable phenomenon. Brand factories will purchase in large quantities if they do not have any problems with the application. Our southeast microswitches can be customized according to customer needs.

with you a simple understanding of the water heater micro switch is what?

water heater micro switch is a fast switch actuated by pressure, also called a sensitive switch; the waterproof micro switch of the water-gas linkage valve of the gas water heater includes a small linkage shaft, a bracket, a micro switch body and a shift fork, The micro switch body is fixed on the bracket, the shift fork is arranged on the bracket through a rotating shaft, and one end of the shift fork is in contact with the convex block on the small linkage shaft, the other end is in contact with the contact of the micro switch, and the part of the fork in contact with the contact of the micro switch is designed as a U-shaped structure.
The function of the micro switch of the gas water heater is to control the ignition. When the water pressure reaches a certain level, the inner diaphragm will open the micro switch through the top of the drive shaft. The micro switch will give the pulse igniter a signal to start discharge and ignition. After receiving the signal, the solenoid valve is energized to open the valve to supply gas and start burning.

Water Heater Microswitch Series Pictures

About Water Heater Microswitch Price Quotation

Water Heater Microswitch Price: I'll give you Alibaba link directly here, click below to view the reference price; For details, please consult the store customer service!

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Product Parameters

Model: KW4A-Z1SF150
Brand: Southeast Electronics
Safety Certification: UL, CUL, VDE, TUV, ENEC, DEMKO, CE, EK, CQC
Working Speed: 0.1mm ~ 1 m/s
Temperature Grade: 10T85 10T105 25T125

Micro switch boom form

No boom, short boom, long boom, middle boom, rolling arm, arc boom, non-standard boom.

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Water heater micro switch

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