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waterproof micro switch: micro switch principle is what kind?

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2021-04-07 11:47

Waterproof micro switch : The switch is an electronic control technology that controls the on and off of the switch to maintain the stability of the output current and voltage. In our amusement equipment, the switch is essential. With the continuous innovation and development of China's electronic and electrical technology, switching power supply technology is rising every year, and micro-motion is an indispensable part of entertainment equipment. In this case, it is very reasonable and necessary to understand the wiring diagram of the micro switch.

Waterproof micro switch

: Introduction to micro switch wiring In fact, the micro switch is very simple and the operation method is also very convenient. From the wiring diagram of the micro switch, you can also see the structure of the switch. A mechanism that has a fast-acting mechanism and a distance between tiny contacts, and performs switching operations in a specified force and a specified stroke. Then, cover the shell, and there is a switch on the outside, which is also a switch for driving the lever. Because the contact distance of the micro switch is relatively small, the name of the micro switch is given. As for the wiring diagram and wiring method of the micro switch, we will continue to look!

Waterproof micro switch

: Wiring method of micro switch Speaking of the wiring method of micro switch, it is actually very simple. Generally speaking, from the wiring diagram of the micro switch, the micro switch has three points, one is a common point, one is a normally open point, and one is a closed point. The common point is like the neutral line in the socket. The normally open point is the point where the switch is turned on and the current flows. The closing point is of course the contact point through which the current passes. According to the wiring diagram of the micro switch, connect the corresponding point to the corresponding position. Although the wiring method of the micro switch looks very simple, relevant preparatory measures need to be taken.



Waterproof micro switch

: The wiring of the micro switch / Principle In the micro switch, its rotating elements include buttons, push pins, rollers and levers. As long as an external mechanical force is applied to the spring sheet through the rotating element, when the spring sheet moves to the critical point, an instantaneous action will be generated, causing the spring sheet to contact the contact, thereby achieving disconnection and rapid connection. From the wiring mode of the micro switch, we can also see its working principle. As for the wiring diagram of the micro switch, it can only be used as a reliable reference design drawing during wiring operation, and the entire design circuit can be clearly defined, so that there will be no problems in the middle wiring.

Waterproof micro switch

: Wiring of micro switch / Structure We should carefully study the structure of micro switch, which is a good understanding of this switch. As for the wiring diagram of the micro switch and the wiring method of the micro switch, it is not as important as the structure of the micro switch. A switch must have an open point, a close point, and a common point. In addition, rotary switching elements, such as buttons, levers, springboards, brackets, electrical contacts, reeds, etc., It is also necessary in the construction of the microswitch. In the wiring of the micro switch, the power supply part as the electrical output and input is called the terminal, and it is also very important in the wiring of the micro switch.

Waterproof micro switch

: Line / micro switch type micro switch is the same as other switches, there are hundreds of varieties. According to the volume classification, there are three kinds of small, ordinary and ultra-small, different volume of micro switch wiring is different. According to the protection, there are waterproof, dustproof, etc., And according to the disconnection form, there are double connection, single connection, multi connection and so on. At present, there is a micro switch with strong disconnection. As for the wiring diagram and method of this micro switch, it is similar to the general micro switch, but there are certain differences in practice.

Waterproof micro switch

: Micro toggle switch - Advantages No matter what kind of product in the world, it has its own advantages. Micro toggle switch is inevitable. In this case, what are the advantages of the micro-toggle switch?

actually has many benefits, such as reducing voltage loss, quickly turning off current, reducing power loss, etc., These are essential advantages. As for the technical advantages of micro switches, China's technology is so developed, and the technology of micro switches must have many innovations and discoveries compared with the past.



Waterproof micro switch, micro switch

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