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Micro switch: micro switch use precautions

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2021-03-22 14:19

In our work, we often talk about keys, in many cases, they are micro switches . Micro switch is a switch with a small contact spacing and a fast-acting mechanism. It uses a specified stroke and force to switch. It is covered by a shell and has a drive rod on the outside. Because the contact spacing of the switch is relatively small, it is called micro switch , also called sensitive switch.

Use micro switch Do you know how many precautions? Let's take a look!


1. When fixing the switch body, please fix it on a smooth surface, the torque is less than 0.098 Nm .. In addition, in order to prevent the screws from loosening, it is recommended to use washers at the same time.

2. Please note that in the free state, the action body should not directly apply force to the button or actuator, but should apply vertical force to the button during use.

3. The action setting after the action is based on the value of the operation time exceeding 70%. In the case of switch, do not set the action body in the action limit position, so as not to open and close with the impact and overtravel, shorten the service life.

4. Regarding the change of the action characteristic, even if it changes within 20% of the action characteristic specification value, it should not cause a malfunction.

5. If it is manual welding, please use welding equipment with temperature adjustment (up to 320 ℃) to complete the operation within three seconds. Be careful not to apply force to the terminal part during operation.

6. When used under low current and low voltage, it is recommended to use low power circuit type (AU clad contact is composite silver point), and copper point is not recommended. If used in high temperature and high humidity environment, it is recommended to use composite silver plating points.

7. According to the use environment of the switch, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor. Indoor environment recommended PBT plastic material, outdoor environment recommended PA66 .

8. When using micro switch , pay attention to the surrounding environment, and should not be too humid or corrosive gas medium.

9. Micro Switch After the durability test is installed, it is recommended to stand for more than 1 hours to relieve stress.

10. The height of the installation site shall not exceed 2000 meters.

These are the ten, be sure to remember!

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