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A detailed explanation of the Micro Switch installation method

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2023-09-07 12:54

The Micro Switch is also called a sensitive switch. It is recommended that you use the installation screws specified by the various switches. There are hundreds of Micro Switches. There are hundreds of internal structures, according to protective performance, there is waterproof, dustproof type, explosion-proof type. The Micro Switch is a contact mechanism having a micrographic interval and a simultaneous mechanism using a predetermined stroke and a predetermined force, covered with housing, and there is a switch of the drive rod.


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Micro Switch installation method

Micro Switch installation place



Micro switch installation method

When installing a switch, it is recommended that you use the mounting screws specified by various switches, with flat washers, spring gaskets, and the like. If the spring is her is directly fastened, the spring washer may fall into the resin to produce cracks, so set the flat washer on the resin as shown below. Also, please pay attention to the fastening screw, use a sleeve wrench or the like, may generate excessive impact and harmonics, and even damage the adhesion and Micro Switch of the contact.

Please do not expand the machining of the switch body. About the use of a binder, a fixative, or the like, please do not attach the movable portion of the switch or the inside of the switch or the switch. Doing so may result in poor action, contact obstacles. In addition, some kinds of species may generate poisonous gases, so please fully use them.


Micro Switch installation place

1. Do not use the switch separately in an environment such as flammable gas, explosive gas. The arcs and heat generated when the opening and closing may result in fire or explosion.  The micro swich is not a waterproof seal structure, so in the place where the oil or water splashes, the dust is scattered, and the cover is used to prevent direct foam.

2. Please install the switch without direct contact with the chips or dust. The drive rod and the switch body must not be accumulated on the switch body.

3. Do not use in places with hot water (+ 60 ° C or higher) and water vapor.  Please do not use the switch under outdoor air conditions. The ambient temperature allowed by each model is different. (Please confirm the specifications in this article). If there is a sharp temperature change, the thermal impact will cause the switch to loosen, causing malfunctions.

4. When the operator accidentally installs the switch to a place where the error or accident is applied, please add the cover.

5. When the switch is continuous and impact, the resulting wear powder may lead to problems such as adverse contact failure and action abnormality, durability, and so on. In addition, if there is too much vibration and impact, the misreading and damage of the contact may occur, so it is installed in the direction that does not be affected by vibration and impact and the direction that does not occur.

6. When using a silver-based contact, if the low frequency is used for a long time or a small load usage, the sulfide film generated by the contact surface will not be destroyed, resulting in poor contact, so use the gold plated contacts and small loads.

7. Do not use the switches in vulcanizing gases (H2S, SO2), ammonia (NH3), nitric acid gas (HNO3), chlorine (CL2), to avoid damage caused by adverse contact between contacts and corrosion waiting for dysfunction.

8. If there is a silicon gas in the environment, the arc energy will cause silicon oxide (SiO2) to accumulate on the contact, resulting in poor contact. When there is silicon oil, silicon fillers, silicon wires, such as silicone oil, suppress the arc and eliminate the source of the silicon gas by the contact protection circuit.

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