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MS6 microswitch

Features and uses
Stable contact, prevent misoperation, easy disassembly, and strong shock resistance.
can be used in automobiles and other fields.


MS6 Micro Switch

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    • Commodity name: MS6 microswitch

    Features and uses<br>Stable contact, prevent misoperation, easy disassembly, and strong shock resistance.<br>can be used in automobiles and other fields.

    MS6 Micro Switch Automatic Reset Switch for Automobile Steering Wheel


    1.Product Introduction
    The MS6 micro switch has an automatic reset function for added convenience. This switch is mainly used for car steering wheel. We are a microswitch China manufacturer which specialize in all kinds of micro switches and are an influential company in the industry. If you are intersted in our products,welcome to make order.


    2.Product Parameter 



    Operating  speed

    0.1mm~1m/s(No lever)

    Operating Frequency

    Mechanical 60 cycle/min; Electrical 25 cycles/min

    Insulation resistance


    Contact resistance


    (Test voltage) Between terminals of the same polarity

    AC660V,50/60Hz, 1min

    (Test voltage) Between current-carrying metal parts and ground(case), and between each terminal and non-current-carrying metal parts.

    AC1500V, 50/60Hz , 1min

    Vibration resistance

    10~55Hz , 1.5mm , double amplitude

    Shock resistance

    endurance: 1000m/s2(approx.100G)max
    Wrong action :300m/s2(approx.30G)max

    Electric shock proof protection degree

    II class


     Mechanical≥500,000 cycles
     Electrical≥250,000 cycles


    3.Product Feature and Application 
    MS6 micro push button switches are characterised by stable contact, easy dismantling and high shock resistance. It is commonly used in combination switches such as automotive steering wheels. It can be reset automatically. Its reliable performance makes it popular in various applications.





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