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Micro Switch

KW4B Household Appliances Micro Switch 125vAC 5E4

Features and Uses
KW4B micro switches are widely used in household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment and similar equipment.
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KW3A-G drying rack micro switch

KW3A-G type drying rack micro switch rental
small size, suitable for all angles of random installation
product structure is simple, easy to install and disassemble
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MS7 Household Appliances Micro Switch

1.MS7 household appliances ultra-small micro switch has simple structure and small size
2. Long life
3. Mainly used for air conditioning, DVD, etc.
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MS13 Micro switch

1.MS13 micro switch can be used for vending machine sold out detection, game currency detection, printer, copier and gas stove ignition valve control switch, etc.
2. Using standard connector connection, can greatly shorten the wiring time.
3. The contact forms are normally open, normally closed and conversion type; The installation position of the boom can be divided into two ways: front and back.
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MS12 microswitch

MS12 micro switch is small in size, the base and terminal are integrally formed
spring type structure, small gap and high sensitivity
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MS9 microswitch

1.MS9 micro switch adopts dust-proof design, and the upper and lower structures are seamless and dust-proof
2. Compact structure, high sensitivity for fast action
3. Equal foot spacing of terminals can avoid frequent on-off state of contact points during vibration. Can be used in household appliances, power tools, toys, fax machines, alarms and other fields. Various types of boom
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